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Notes about Dinis Cruz work on ORG (Owasp Report Generator)

Change Log on CVS Files

  • note: in the current version one needs to copy the contents of the VulnReport_Files to the ..\Application (Exe)\v0.83
  • Mike has added the Altova component to the CVS (11Mb :) ) but it works :)

Configuring CVS access using tortoise CVS behind a proxy (to be added to project documentation)

NOTE: This is now out of date since we use Google's code SubVersion, which is much easier to use and setup

These are the steps you need to take:

  • Install the latest version of Tortoise CVS (from
  • Create a connection using Putty to your proxy with the following tunnel:
    • Source port: 22
    • Destination:
  • try SSHing into you should get a ssh login priompt (after accepting sourceforge ssh fingerprint)
  • on the place where you want the project to be located, click on CVS Checkout and use these settings:
  • click on 'Fetch List' to test connections (you should get no errors)