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Milton Smith 2017 Bio & Why Me?

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Why Me?: OWASP is uniquely qualified to influence the industry while providing technical resources to defend against the next generation of Internet threats. As a security principal at Oracle, and previous security leader of the Java platform, I’m no stranger to big challenges. I'm interested to be elected to the board and help OWASP increase it's relevancy throughout the world. Also importantly, to assist OWASP work through it's growing pains as an evolving organization.

About Milton: Milton Smith (California, USA) leads product security for the NetSuite division at Oracle.  Previously Milton was security leader for the Java platform engineering group at Oracle.  Outside the company, Milton is the project leader for two OWASP projects. Milton is solo leader/developer on OWASP DeepViolet TLS/SSL scanning API. DeepViolet is important since it provides the TLS/SSL scanning capabilities for the OWASP Flagship project ZAP. Milton also a co-leader on the OWASP Security Logging Project. During collaboration on the web application security book project, Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications many powerful ideas around software logging were discussed that could not be covered in print. To explore these ideas further, OWASP Security Logging Project was born. Previous employers include companies like Yahoo and SuccessFactors.  For more information visit,