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The below are a list of questions that members of the owasp community would like to ask future candidates of OWASP Foundation for the Board of Directors. Please note that this question pool may be used during the forthcoming Webex based recorded debate. This will be announced publicly via a email to OWASP-ALL mailing on the exact date/time after the June 9th at OWASP AppSec EU 2011 time-frame during the kick off and before the election.

  • Please add your questions to this wiki page so candidates can see what is important to the voting membership

1. Please provide some examples of your thought leadership in application security.

2. Would your colleagues describe you as calm, thoughtful, diplomatic, and rational?

3. Link to some of your most recent presentations about application security.

4. Which security and developer conferences have you spoken at?

5. Are you a big-picture person or a detail-oriented person?

6. Why should someone believe you are an honest and ethical person?

7. How many hours per week will you commit to OWASP work?

8. Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and do the inglorious tasks that makes OWASP work?

9. Which human languages do you speak?

10. In which parts of the world have you lived at least 3 months?

11. Have you shipped production code? How long ago?

12. Please provide a list of web technologies you consider yourself proficient in (markup, styling, scripting, server-side code, server configuration and operational setup ...)

13. What is your typical appsec role (pentester, trainer, developer, project manager ...)? Are you a consultant, vendor, or do you have an appsec role within an organization?

14. Please provide a list of appsec activities you consider yourself proficient in (code auditing, threat modeling, SDLC implementation ...)

15. Have you run or are you running an OWASP chapter? Which?

16. Have you run or are you running any OWASP projects? Which?

17. Do you have a college or university degree?

18. Do you have a postgraduate degree?

19. Have you ever served on or currently serve any other non-profits?

20. Have you served your region of the world as a Global Committee Member? Which?

21. What do you see as OWASP's top 3 (non-financial) assets?

22. What, if anything, do you think OWASP should be doing to better engage those outside of the OWASP circle?

23. What, if anything, can you bring to the OWASP Board that doesn't currently exist or isn't currently represented there?

24. Did you ever manage teams (small & large)?

25. Have you ever managed remote / virtual teams?

26. Are you comfortable with virtual collaboration?

27. Are you currently a paid member of OWASP Foundation? For how long?

28. On the OWASP-Leaders List there has been lots of talk about adjustment of The OWASP Foundation name. What do you think about that?

29. Have you reviewed the accounting practices of OWASP Foundation - Click Here any comment?


XX. (please add more questions as needed.... you can do so by creating a account on the OWASP Wiki and edit this page)