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25 Feb 2011 13:00 - 15:00 (presentation start: 13:30)


ANZ, 833 Collins St, Docklands, Melbourne VIC 3008

Please ask about OWASP at reception and they will direct you to the room (room C).

The easiest way to get there is to hop on the tram number 48 or 11, on Collins St and go right to the end of Collins. Alternatively, walk down Collins St this is a walking distance . This will be the last stop.


Implementation of Security in the Software Development Lifecycle by Peter van Oosterom.

This includes both in-house built applications, outsourced development and implementation of COTS and Bespoke applications.


ANZ has built a Security Development Lifecycle that can be overlayed on our various project management and software development lifecycles. This Security Development Lifecycle looks at risk profile of an application that ANZ intend to be build and implement, then determines the security rigour that needs to be applied. The following will be touched on:

Lifecycle phases and the activities

  • The list of stakeholders dealt with
  • Metrics collected
  • Experiences to date and the gottcha's
  • People put in place to ensure the SDL is sustainable and continuously improving.
  • The future

Hope to see you all there.

OWASP Melbourne :)