Matteo Meucci

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Bio: Matteo has more than 17 years of specializing in Application Security and collaborates from 2002 with the OWASP project: he founded the OWASP-Italy Chapter in 2005 and leads the OWASP Testing Guide from 2006. Matteo is invited as speaker at many events all around the world talking about Web Application Security.

Matteo has a master's degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna.

Matteo Meucci is the CEO and a cofounder of Minded Security from 2007, where he is responsible for strategic direction and business development for the Company. Prior to founding Minded Security, Matteo had several consultancy experiences from BT Global Services, INS, Business-e and CryptoNet.

Talks: OWASP AppSec 2004-2017 (Boston, NYC, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan), Oracle Security 2017, FOSDEM 2011, EuSecWest 2008, ISACA (Rome, Venice) 2007-2017, AIEA 2013, 2015 (Milan, Turin), IDC Banking Forum 2004, ABI Banking Security, CyberTech Europe 2017, Security Summit (Milan) 2014, 2015, 2018, FIJ 2015, 2016, Codemotion 2015, 2016 (Rome, Milan)

Teacher: Master in Cyber Security (Genova), Alma Mater (Bologna)

University talks: Bocconi (Milan), University of La Sapienza Rome, Cagliari, Salerno, Napoli