Los Angeles/2010 Meetings/January 20

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Topic: Do VLANs allow for good application security?

Speaker: David M. N. Bryan

Senior Security Consultant

David has over 9+ years of computer security experience including, consulting, engineering and administration. He has performed security assessment projects for health care, nuclear, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, banking and educational sectors. As an active participant in the information security community, he volunteers at DEFCON where he designs and implements the Firewall and Network for what is said to be the most hostile network environment in the world.

He is also an active participant in the local Minneapolis security groups both as a board member of OWASP MSP and DC612. His roots and experience come from working for a large enterprise banks, designing and managing enterprise security systems. In the more recent years he has been working as an Information Security Consultant to review the security and architecture of information computing environments.

Abstract: Do VLANs allow for good application security?

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) are not a new concept, and can help any organization better control network access. I will present some of the previous issues identified, what was the root cause, and how these have been fixed in current technology. In addition we will talk about how this can help to enhance security in your environment, and what controls must be in place in order to implement such an environment. We will also touch on how this can complicate your application environment, but improve overall security.

I will touch on the controls that need to be reviewed and audited when working with VMware, VLANs, and web applications, to ensure that these networks are secure, and what to look for to potentially pass audit criteria. I will also talk about where and how these controls have been implemented in order to protect thousands of users while accessing one of the most hostile networks in the world.