Los Angeles/2010 Meetings/April 21

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Topic: The intersection of social and technical attacks in Web 2.0 applications

Speaker: Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey is a senior security researcher at MAD Security and anapplication security specialist. While his research spans a wide variety of domains, it generally focuses on secure web application development, web application scanning and penetration testing, online privacy issues, network protocols and services, and how to break them.

Mike has spoken throughout the country at different security conferences and shows, including Blackhat DC, Toorcon, Defcon andothers. Aside from coming up with new and interesting ways to break web and client-side applications, he also puts those attacks into practice as a penetration tester. Currently, Mike is studying the intersection of social and technical attacks in Web 2.0 applications. He publishes his research on the MAD Security blog as well as at Skeptikal.org.

Speaker: Mike Murray

Mike Murray has spent his entire career in information security and currently leads the delivery arm of MAD Security (MADSecInc.com). Mike is a co-founder of InfoSecLeaders.com where he writes and talks about the skills and strategies for building a long-term career in information security. Mike's on security careers have been seen at major conferences like RSA and Defcon.