Los Angeles/2008 Meetings/August 19

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Topic: Don't Write Your Own Security Code

Speaker: Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is the founder and CEO of Aspect Security, specializing in application security services. Jeff also serves as the volunteer Chair of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Jeff has made extensive contributions to the application security community through OWASP, including the Top Ten, WebGoat, Stinger, Secure Software Contract Annex, Enterprise Security API, and the local chapters program. Jeff holds advanced degrees in psychology, computer science, and human factors, and graduated cum laude from Georgetown Law.

Abstract: Don't Write Your Own Security Code

Application security is arguably the most difficult IT challenge facing organizations today. There are over 600 different categories of vulnerabilities to avoid and they are all tricky. Most of these problems are related to the design, implementation, and use of a relatively small set of security controls. To solve this problem for developers, Jeff created the OWASP ESAPI project – a clean intuitive toolbox of the core security building blocks that every web developer needs. In this talk, Jeff will show you how to create an ESAPI for your organization that will solve the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities, increase assurance, and dramatically cut costs all at the same time.