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Organizations that are not yet interested in becoming a full Corporate Member but who have a desire to direct their support in a more regional manner may prefer to become a Chapter Supporter.

Be recognized as a supporter by posting your company logo on the local OWASP chapter website (Image size for logos: gif, jpg or png with a size of 150px X 45px at 72dpi or 55px X 80px at 72dpi)
Please check with your local chapter for an additional benefits

Suggested levels (these levels may vary chapter to chapter as well as the benefits)

  • $500/USD €370 - Silver Chapter Supporter
  • $1000/USD €740 - Gold Chapter Supporter
  • $2000/USD €1475 - Platinum Chapter Supporter

Check with your local Chapter Leader to learn more about specific price levels for Chapter Supporters. The funds donated are divided with 90% directly supporting the OWASP local chapter and 10% to the OWASP Foundation.\

For donations in USD click here Btn donate SM.gif

For donations in EUROS click here Btn donate SM.gif

If you require an invoice or would like to pay via wire transfer, please let us know using our contact us form.

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