Kelly Santalucia May 2012 Report

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Kelly Santalucia - Activity for May 2012 (Prepared for June, 11 2012 Board Meeting)

Membership Committee

Committee Members: (Total 4) Helen Gao, Dan Cornell, Ofer Maor and Gandhi Narasimha

Committee Chair: Helen Gao

Monthly committee call minutes Global Membership Committee Meeting Notes May 15, 2012

Completed Projects/Tasks:

  • Set up the 4 membership website portals in Cvent to accommodate all global membership registrations. This allows registrants to renew or join OWASP using a tailored website specifically for their region.
  • Set up the 12 membership paths within Cvent. Depending on which region a person chooses from the website portal, each path reflects the correct donation amount and allows funds to be accepted by a specific currency/amount.
  • Set up in Cvent 9 notifications to be sent automatically to individual members, corporate members, academic supporters and local chapter supporters. Notifications being sent prior to their membership expiring and other thank you notifications created to be sent after the registration has been confirmed. A link to the Contact Us Form is included in the notification for tracking purposes in Sales Force.
  • Honorary membership determination has been decided by membership committee Global Membership Committee Meeting Notes May 15, 2012
  • Completion of the membership video, which is currently being edited by Tom Brennan. Release date pending.
  • With help from Kate set up Corporate Member Contact Group in Cvent for add on marketing.
  • Separate link on chapter page set up for university supporters - chapter template set up for university supporters - waiting for information from Martin Knobloch to migrate existing university supporters to updated template for chapters
  • Timeline for election process established. OWASP Board Vote Execution Guide

Ongoing Projects/Tasks:

  • Coordinate GMC monthly call. Attend scheduled monthly call, take and post meeting notes. As well as coordinate additional membership calls throughout the month to discuss/vote on certain items.
  • Work with Kate to insure all membership related requests received through the Contact Us Form are addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Keep an updated list of chapters in Cvent. Enter new chapters and remove non-active chapters from allocation drop down list.
  • Coordinating the Qualys WASPY awards to be presented at AppSec USA
  • Working on a solution from preventing non-academic supporters from registering as Academic Supporters.
  • Contact with Corporate Supporters who's membership is soon to expire.
  • Continuing to build relationships with new potential corporate members.
  • Assisting AppSec Research team and AppSec USA team with sponsorship's for the conferences.
  • Working with committee members on the process of the upcoming election. More information needed from the board to move ahead.
  • Respond to various membership committee questions/requests via email
  • Respond to individual's inquiries regarding membership via email
  • Update Global Membership Page
  • Confirm and approve individual requests to the OWASP subgroup via Linkedin.
  • Removal of expired members from the OWASP subgroup.
  • Learning Cvent (new registration program)