January 28

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• Sarah B., Lorna, Kate dialed in for call.

• Kate asked for thoughts on registering for working sessions via RegOnline and whether we should have all previous registrants go through the RegOnline system to find out which WS they want to attend (which can be used to print out a personalized schedule later) and to have them see the shirts we have available to purchase. It was decided that we would leave things as is for now. If we want to collect this information from attendees, we will either need to route them through regonline or someone else (Paulo or Sandra?) could handle it.

• Sarah provided an update on the reporter from Hacker Network News. Kuai Hinojosa arranged a reporter from Hacker Network News (Stefan Wuensch) who will be coming to help out with video taping as well as editing and posting of videos/interviews. Stefan's travel expenses will be coming out of the Summit Operational budget (currently $2k allocated for this). Sarah spoke with Stefan last night and is in the process of booking his flight and accommodations.

• We have 2 sponsored attendees right now that need assistance in getting their visa. Zaki Akmad from Indonesia and Talal Al-Basha from Saudi Arabia. We have already provided a letter of invitation for Zaki, but he needs a local contact - so we will be routing him through Maria at Diplomata to handle this. Sarah will also be asking Maria at Diplomata to handle travel and visa arrangements for Talal.

• Sarah asked for assistance in putting together a checklist of items/questions to send out to confirmed attendees next week (01 Feb - Tuesday). Lorna will assist with this.

• Lorna spoke with Tom Brennan about the status of any sponsorships that have come in for the Summit. We haven't received any and Tom suggested we email attendees providing an incentive ($500) for any of them that can secure a corporate sponsor for the Summit. We discussed if this "bounty" was appropriate. Email will not be sent.

• Sarah gave a status update on the Budget - $11k in unallocated funds from the Operational Budget, and $10k from the Travel budget, although much of this travel budget will be used once individuals whom we have agreed to sponsor have booked their trip.

  • Tomas has arranged for the Summit team to secure a laser printer for use during the summit. Cost is 100 EU/day.
  • As per email, dinner and drinks will be delivered to villas nightly. Details on location will be sorted out by on site team.
  • Need update on remote broadcasting
  • Need update on Brazilian Delegation expenses
  • Need update on PR Company releases and follow up