How to Host an OWASP Projects Event Module/Travel and Accommodation

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There is typically very limited funding for participants of our OWASP Projects event modules. The foundation usually sets aside $3,000.00 USD to cover travel and accommodation expenses for project event modules taking place at our Global AppSec Conferences. Our Global AppSec Conferences are the following: AppSec USA, AppSec Apac, and AppSec EU. These funds are set aside for project event module participants that are in need of travel an accommodation assistance to attend and participate in the event module. Preference is given to those participants that are within the region of the event. For example, if a project leader from Tokyo, Japan needs travel assistance to attend the AppSec Apac conference, then she will be given preference over a project leader wanting to attend the same conference coming from London, UK. Please reach out to us for support either through the Contact Form or OWASP Support.