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Jan 6th 2009 the following proposal was approved by OWASP Foundation

Individual Member ($50/year)

-Membership Card -Listing online membership directory -10% discount on OWASP conferences -Membership Kit for first time members (1x cost is $35)

University Supporters (Free) Open to Accredited Universities: Requirements:

Establish a point of contact at the University - This individual will be the primary point to receive OWASP communications Introduction Meeting - The University POC and OWASP POC for the university will meet to discuss the University Outreach program and benefits Required to provide meeting space 2x per year and include OWASP in the education curriculum to students.

Benefits Have OWASP speakers made available to them for classes and other events OWASP will frequently provide information regarding OWASP projects, tools and documentation which may be relevant to the University OWASP can work with the University to identify OWASP materials which may aid research initiatives at the University OWASP and the University can jointly publicize season of code events which provide funding for students or faculty to perform security based research OWASP and the University can work together to host security seminars or provide introductory training sessions for students on OWASP tools, documentation and security skills. University can assist local OWASP chapter by providing meeting space for local chapter meetings Note: This is intended for the University as a whole to become involved with OWASP. This does not imply individual or organizational membership for the University, students or faculty. However, all students and faculty are encouraged to explore the benefits of becoming an individual member.

Organizational Supporters ($5000/year - can pay quarterly if they present a PO) Company Logo listed on the Membership (Supporter) page

OWASP Top10 slick sheets [these need to be created] Online Job Postings 10% discount for employees on OWASP Conferences [This still needs to be confirmed with the Conference Committee] Invitation to OWASP Special Member such as Industry Group sessions.

Onsite OWASP Security Briefing

(2) Complimentary conference admission tickets to annual OWASP Summit OWASP provides documentation, tools, methodologies, standards, articles, and message forums (“OWASP Materials”) as a service to Internet users worldwide to help users and developers understand more about application security. OWASP makes these materials available to end users to help them acquire, build, test, and operate secure software. In addition to the benefits you receive as described above, your membership helps to support the growth of OWASP and the development of new and improved OWASP Materials. Because we are an open, non-commercial entity, we can take on projects that commercial entities driven by profit motives could not. Everyone benefits from these projects. Your support will help OWASP continue to find and fight the causes of insecure software.

Transition Notes Current End-User and Consulting Organization members with lower membership fees can be grandfathered in to the new plan as long as they maintain continuous membership Organizational Supporter does not imply individual "membership" for employees