Global Chapter Committee Voting Record

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Current Global Chapter Committee Members:

  • Tin Zaw - TZ
  • Seba Deleersnyder - SD
  • Matthew Chalmers - MC
  • L. Gustavo C. Barbato - GB
  • Andrew van der Stock - AVDS
  • Puneet Mehta - PM
  • Mandeep Khera - MK
  • Ivy Zhang - IZ
  • Josh Sokol (chair) - JS

2011 Voting Records

Date vote proposed Details on item for proposed vote Yes Votes No Votes Pass/Fail Decision Date Thread on mailing list
10-Aug-2011 Conference split policy under the chapter committee
Financing of local and regional conferences by the foundation via chapter committee is considered a loan, and it is expected that the loan be paid back fully. For first $1000 of foundation's resources, there is no need to split the profits. If more than $1000 of the foundation's resources is used, the profits are to be split 50/50 with no cap.
4 yes - TZ, MK, AVS, PM 3 no - SD, GB, MC Passes 15-Aug-2011 Email record
10-Aug-2011 Denial of request for funding to attend AppSec USA chapter leader workshop by Josh Sokol, Austin chapter leader 5 yes - TZ, MK, AVS, PM, GB 1 no - SD
1 abstain - MC
Passes 15-Aug-2011 Email record
10-Aug-2011 Give committee chair authority to occasionally use extra funds from other line items for operational support, not exceeding 20 extra hours per month. 5 yes - TZ, MK, AVS, PM, SD 2 no - GB, MC Passes 15-Aug-2011 Email record
24-Sept-2011 Authorize funding for 5 people to attend AppSec ASIA (Chapters Workshop & Conference) 4 Yes - TZ, AVS, GB, SD (3 votes not received) Passes 27-Sept-2011 Email record
19-Oct-2011 Approve New Process for Vetting Chapter Leaders/Starting a Chapter 4 yes - TZ, SD, GB, JS (3 votes not received) Passes 19-Oct-2011 Email record
17-Jan-2012 Vote of confidence for Josh Sokol to take over as committee chair 4 yes - TZ, SD, AVS, IZ 1 abstain (JS), 2 votes not recieved Passes 19-Jan-2011