GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20101019

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Michael Coates

Kate Hartmann


Sebastien Deleersnyder

Dan Cornell

Membership Status

September 2010 Numbers

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 1082

New Memberships: 151 (81 are from CA Conf)

Renewals: 19

Lost memberships (did not renew): 75

Income from Individual Memberships: $8500

Portion allocated to local chapters: $2940

Profit from Individual Memberships: $5560

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 40

New Memberships: 2 (Amazon & Mozilla)

Renewals: 4 (DreamLab Technologies, Harris Connect, Astech Consulting, Ascure)

Lost memberships (did not renew): 0

Income from Corporate Memberships: $23,250

Portion allocated to local chapters: $4000

Profit from Corporate Memberships: $19,250

Total Profit: $24,810


  • Joining chapter & membership
  • Membership tackling leadership & members status
  • Top Down Direction
  • Get Involved Program


  • Leadership Status - Membership will take on responsibility for managing leadership/honorary/membership/supporter statuses, benefits, requirements
  • Probably not going to get too much top down feedback. We set direction & goals.
  • Need to work on membership retention.
  • No vote from committee on joining chapter & membership together
  • Discuss topics via email throughout the month to keep discussion going. We should copy the list and remember that we will get feedback from mailing list. Need to send a prep email to list letting them know the feedback is helpful and we will make the ultimate decision. If they are interested in the decision making then they too should join the committee.
  • "Get Involved Program" - need volunteers for various OWASP activities (project help, logo design, web site design, PR, conf planning). Membership retention tie to membership committee. This is something we should tackle. Its a big win for OWASP and greatly increases membership value and involvement with OWASP.
  • Summit - Date to be announced soon. Global Membership Committee to start generating ideas. Big talking points include Membership model, Leadership Status, Get Involved Program
  • 40% allocation to chapters - chapter leaders can spend chapter money on owasp shwag

Action Items Follow-Ups

  • KATE - Send top 10 book to each corp once she receives letter - NOT DONE
  • KATE - tick corp supporters in xls that need to be contacted
  • DAN - post July notes to wiki - DONE
  • MICHAEL - Draft letter to accompany book - Due by end of week - DONE
  • MICHAEL - Resend corp list to all - DONE
  • MICHAEL - Send new meeting invite - DONE

New Action Items

  • KATE - Send top 10 book to each corp once she receives letter - OPEN ACTION ITEM
  • ALL - Continue discussion of ideas via mailing list
  • MICHAEL - Send mailing list prep email advising of increase in traffic and how to get involved