GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20091222

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Meeting #10 - Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Michael Coates

Dan Cornell

Minutes (14:30 - 15:30 EDT)

  • Membership benefits review - What should we change? What can we add? Should we create a tiered membership model?

Idea to send lulu OWASP book to corporate members on periodic basis. First book would be the new OWASP Top 10 book. Minimal cost to OWASP and good benefits to corporate member.

Its a good idea. Need to get info from conference committee regarding what discounts are available.

Possible package deals to include:

  1. 1 Year Corporate Membership
  2. 1 month ad space
  3. x tickets to local OWASP conference at x% discount
  • Should OWASP offer a printed magazine as a benefit to members?

No - not cost effective. Stick with electronic magazine

  • How can we increase participation in the Committee? Specifically non-US (or at least non-central-timezone) folks?

This is based on answers to questions below

  • "Target accounts" - Who should we target to become organizational supporters in 2010?

This is based on answers to questions below

  • Membership Committee Goals for 2010 - Retention percentages, new member counts, new benefits to roll out

Defer to next meeting with more attendance and when below questions are answered

  • Membership Committee support materials for 2010 - Video, powerpoint, 1-pager PDF, etc

Currently have a video. Perhaps need a refresh

1 pager pdf for: Why would individual want to be a member? Why would individual software vendor want to be a member?

Questions to get answered:

Where are we at financially? Are we good, in the red?

How do 2009 membership financials compare to previous years in terms of membership revenue?

What is the membership revenue used for?

Moving forward

Based on financial goals we can decide if we need more committee members.

Should membership committee target individuals or corporations more?

Do we want to make more money? Get more individuals, more corporations? We need to focus and set direction.

Action Items

Michael - Draft initial email of financial questions, forward to Dan for comments and then to Kate, Alison & OWASP Board

Dan - To talk with conference committee regarding potential benefits for tiered membership model