GEC Agenda 2011-04-04

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  • Fabio
  • Tony
  • Kuai
  • Martin

Not attending:

  • Nishi
  • Sebatien


  • Carlos
  • Cecil

1. Committee governance (see example I send via email)

   -> We have agreed to the governance 

2. Plans and activities for 2011

  -> OWASP "OWASP materials you can use today"
  --> Kuai is in lead for organising a day at the RUTGERS university
  -> Becoming the contact for trainings at OWASP conferences.
  --> Fabio is involve in the organisation for the AppSec-EU
  --> Kuai is involve in the organisation for the AppSec-US

3. Long term strategy, state the Education Committee long term goals and agree on them again

  -> we move this to the WIKI discussion feature.
  --> Martin will kick start this

4. do we want and possibilities of hiring someone for continues Academy and Educational Institution contact

  -> we agreed hire a support
  --> Martin wil take the job description of Sarah Baso, edit them for the GEC needs and send them around.

5. Committee chair election

  -> we set up the GEC chait meeting inside the next 4 month
  -->  Kuai and Fabio will be in charge to organize the GEC committee chair meeting.

6. Next meeting

  -> will be Monday, April 18
  --> Martin will create a Doodle to find a time that suit all best
  --> Martin will create a meeting agenda, please fill in your points ahead of the meeting

We discussed OWASP "resources you can use today" day's Kuai has been to Rochester, they are really interested in a day like those.

Kuai is busy talking with the NY university about the "Open Source Programs" Hi is introducing the OWASP projects.