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The mentors program will provide leadership and guidance to new or reestablished chapter and chapter leaders. New chapter leaders are provided little direction on how to manage/run their chapter.

The mentor program will help:

  • Ensure more active OWASP chapters.
  • Ensure consistency in chapter structure and policies.
  • Facilitate more inter-chapter communication.


A starting chapter leader will be assigned a mentor who will help the new leader using e-mail but also telephone and potentially face to face meetings. The mentoring process will be allocated one year after which the new chapter will become independent.

The mentor will provide the necessary tutoring and ease the uncertainty involved in starting a new chapter. To facilitate phone and face to face meetings that are important especially to ease the uncertainly of a new leader, mentors will be selected from a geographically close location to the new chapter.

Mentors are successful chapter leaders selected and invited by the Global Chapter Committee. The criteria for selection is based on the mentor's chapter success, growth, structure, and stability.

Several tools are under development or planned by the Global Chapter Committee to help mentors:

  • A mentor checklist
  • The chapter handbook itself
  • A PowerPoint version of the handbook
  • A chapters leadership podcast and video presentation
  • A certification program for OWASP leaders as a pre-requisite for mentoring.

OWASP will provide financial aid or facilities such a phone bridge or travel cost.

Supported by the Global Chapter Committee