Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Presentations/SIP

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SIP-Based Cloud Instances

This presentation will demonstrate the practical applications of SIP protocol for local cloud instances and how to create secure connections the cloud using SIP forwarding. Further it will present methods of securing cloud and data by using a Linux firmware router to host local based cloud domains, as well as showing secure methods of deploying these systems. In addition, the talk will show secure methods of using PHP and databases using Sqlite and MongoDB while using distributing computing between a Linux server and a Linux based firmware network appliance.

Several practical applications presented will include:

  • Using Cloud-based SIP as replacement for Samba for file sharing in a corporate environment with S3 and WebDAV
  • Creating a local domain such
  • Connecting to the cloud from a mobile phone using SIP forwarding with SSL tunneling
  • Using SIP based domains on VPNs to create a private clouds with a single point of access

There will be a demonstration on how to properly setup a Linux server to host local based domains for secure deployment, including proper deployment of Cherokee and Apache web servers for hosting SIP domains. Finally, the presentation will demonstrate properly configuration of SIP domains to the Linux based firmware network appliance.

At the end of the presentation a viewer will know how to properly deploy Linux server for SIP domain hosting and how to create secure cloud instances with SIP.

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