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Agenda and Presentations: 22 March 2012

The agenda follows the successful OWASP conference multi track format, with opening keynotes and presentations in the main room, split tracks in the middle of the day, and closing panel discussions back in the main room.

March 22nd, 2012
07:45-08:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast in the Adirondack Room
08:30-08:45 Welcome to SnowFROC 2012 Conference

OWASP Denver and OWASP Boulder Chapter Leaders


State of OWASP

Matt Tesauro

09:10-10:10 Keynote:

John Pirc, Co-Author of "Cybercrime and Espionage: An Analysis of Subversive Multi-Vector Threats"

10:10-10:30 Break - Expo
Tech Track - Zenith Room 640 Management Track - Senate Chamber
10:30-11:15 OWASP Passfault

Cameron Morris

Managing IT Risk in a Cloud Environment

Karl Steinkamp

11:15-12:00 State of Web Security: Monitored Attacks

Robert Rowley

PCI vs Risk Management

Doug Landoll

12:00-13:00 Lunch - Expo
13:00-13:50 Panel Discussion - Favorite tools and techniques - pen-testing, static analysis, code reviews


Securing Data from the Web Tier

Mike Fleck

13:50-14:40 Gray, the new black: Gray box vulnerability testing

Adam Hills

Web Session Intelligence


14:40-15:00 BREAK
15:00-15:50 "The Mobile Top 10"

Mike Zussman

A Scalable Secure Development Program

Rajiv Sharma

15:50-16:30 End of Conference Panel Discussion:

Topic: The Crystal Ball and the 2-headed Calf - What's on the Horizon and Why Does It Seem So Unnatural?

Moderator: Steve Kosten or Andy Lewis Panelists: Laz, Matt Tesauro, John Pirc, Tanner Coltrin, Steve Kosten, others

16:30-17:30 Wrap up, vendor raffles!

On Deck

  • Oh heck lightning talks to be invoked if a speaker gets hit by a bus - Andy, Steve, James, Craig have both mngmnt & tech 10 min spews prepared
  • Bruce Nordquist and Dan Weiske - OWASP Top 10 vs. NIST 800-53A rev1 controls (Bruce & Dan on panels?)
  • Rajiv Sharma - A Scalable Secure Environment (panelist?)
  • Rapid 7?
  • Bleeding-edge wild-card?