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Email .com Migration

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In order to eliminate confusion and possible misinformation with regard to which members at a particular address are staff and which are not, it is necessary to differentiate staff email addresses from the general community email addresses. This project will address the necessary steps that staff need to take to enable their .com email address and forward or transfer existing emails, calendars, and drive files to the new .com identity. The various third party and supporting sites that must also be changed over to the new identity will be covered as well.

Project Links

Though initially written to address the changeover to, this document will be updated for


  • 2019-3-10, Set up the domain in GSuite and verify the domain, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-3-10, Set up MX records at DNS, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-3-12, Create this project wiki, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-3-18, Modify the document linked above under project links to indicate, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-3-22, Add sections to above document to cover third party and supporting sites, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-3-25, Communicate documented instructions to staff, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-4-2, Staff changeover to complete, Harold L. Blankenship [DONE]
  • 2019-10-1, Retire all staff and (for those who are not members) accounts, Harold L. Blankenship