Dhiraj Mishra

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Dhiraj Mishra


Dhiraj Mishra is an active speaker and a bug hunter, discovered multiple zero days in modern web browsers, Metasploit Contributor. His work has been published on TheHackerNews, TheRegister & BleepingComputer. He works as Security Consultant with NotSoSecure, former EY.

OWASP Contributions

He has been contributing to OWASP from more than a year, as a volunteer to the open community, he is or has been :

OWASP CWE Project Benchmark

  • Contributor in OWASP Benchmark,contributed SQLi/XSS fuzz vectors as initial contribution towards adding support for WAF/RASP scoring. Many thanks to Dave Wichers
  • Reach me on: mishra.dhiraj@owasp.org

Bug Bounties

Dhiraj as also spoken to BugCrowd LevelUp Conference, his areas of expertise in Application Security have listed him in Hall of Fame for companies and organizations such like, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, Department Of Defense, Bugcrowd, Netgear etc.
Blog : https://datarift.blogspot.in/