Dhiraj Mishra

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Dhiraj Mishra


Dhiraj Mishra is an Cyber Security enthusiast, working with Ernst and Young as an Analyst, seeking ultimately to become a AppSec witchdoctor.

OWASP Contributions

He has been contributing to OWASP from more than a year, as a volunteer to the open community, he is or has been :

OWASP CWE Project Benchmark

  • Contributor in OWASP Benchmark,contributed SQLi/XSS fuzz vectors as initial contribution towards adding support for WAF/RASP scoring. Many thanks to Dave Wichers
  • Reach me on: mishra.dhiraj@owasp.org

Bug Bounties

Dhiraj as also spoken to BugCrowd LevelUp Conference and a bug hunter, his areas of expertise in Application Security have listed him in Hall of Fame for companies and orginizations such like, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, DoD, Bugcrowd, Netgear etc.
Blog : https://datarift.blogspot.in/