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Every Countermeasure should follow this template.


An countermeasure (or security control) is a protection mechanism that prevents, deters, or detects attacks, or prevents or reduces vulnerabilities.

  1. Start with a one-sentence description of the countermeasure
  2. How does the countermeasure work?
  3. What are some examples of implementations of the countermeasure (steer clear of specific products)

Risk Factors

  • Talk about the factors that this countermeasure affects
  • What effect does this countermeasure have on the attack or vulnerability?
  • Does this countermeasure reduce the technical or business impact?

Difficulty to Implement

  • Discuss the typical difficulty of implementing this control, emphasizing the factors that make it easier or harder
  • Steer clear of language/platform specific information here


Short example name
One paragraph example description with links
Short example name
One paragraph example description with links

Related Attacks

Related Vulnerabilities

Note: the contents of "Related Problems" sections should be placed here

Related Countermeasures

Note: contents of "Avoidance and Mitigation" Sections should be placed here


When the article is reviewed, the "Honeycomb" category can be removed and replaced with the "ASDR" category [[Category:OWASP Honeycomb Project]] [[Category:OWASP ASDR Project]]