Community Manager 2014 Q2 Report

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DATE April 2014 May 2014 June 2014
TOTAL 267 Chapters 268 Chapters 270 Chapters

  • Active Chapters: 235
  • Inactive Chapters: 35 (listed as not having a chapter leader)
  • New Chapters: 1
  • Restarted Chapters: 3


Total Chapters (inactive chapters)

  • Africa: 16 (3)
  • Asia Pacific: 17 (2)
  • Canada: 12 (6)
  • Europe: 56 (5)
  • Latin America: 38 (10)
  • Middle East: 38 (2)
  • United States: 86 (8)


  • Trying to get volunteers to work on something not code related is like pulling teeth. The number of AppSec EU volunteers is dismal.
  • Chapter Leader Workshops are planned for Thursday. Open format, as that's what the Chapter Leaders that responded indicated that they wanted. It will be an open discussion on whatever they decide to bring to the table.

New Chapters - Completed

  • New Jersey South

New Chapters - in Progress

  • Upper Egypt
  • Dominican Republic

Reopened Chapters - Completed

  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai

Reopened Chapters - in Progress

  • Mexico City


  • Kate and I have started on an e-store through Sales Force, with proper inventory control, adjustable pricing, discount codes and up to date pictures of the actual inventory that we carry, but last I'd heard, we'd hit a snag in their system, that we're still waiting on a fix for from their end.
  • NEW Merchandise has been added to the store. We've reordered OWASP pens, multiple styles of T-Shirts - in every size, large bistro mugs (Black w/yellow OWASP logo), coffee mugs (White with 2013 OWASP Top Ten in Blue), travel mugs (stainless with OWASP 2013 Top Ten in blue)and stress balls. Most of these items had been ordered, but not yet delivered when I left for EU. The plan is to have samples of each sent, so that we can add photos of these to the e-store, as well.

  • GSoC: Nothing to report. Samantha had the lead on this and I have not received any updates since her departure.
  • Cyber Security Start-up Initiative: Nothing to report. Again, Samantha was taking lead on this, as it was the first initiative introduced since I'd started and she graciously agreed to "take-point" and walk me through this one, as an observer. I have heard whisperings about them being almost ready for volunteers, but nothing substantial or through official request channels.

  • Chapter Funding: We currently have $372152.09 in the Chapters account
  • Community Engagement: We currently have $49,246.75 in the Engagement account. $1660.00 has been spent so far this quarter.