Committee 2010 Plan

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Training Program

  • Purpose: To bring high quality training to diverse geographic areas.
  • Procedure:

Call for locations will be initiated by the Global Conference committee. Chapters that are interested in participating will reply with dates available and specific topics that are of interest in their area. Prior to being selected as a training location, the chapter leader should provide information on potential # of students and, if possible, organizational supporters in the area who might want to sponsor or attend the program.

Upon selection of the date and location, the Global Education Committee will identify trainers available for the program. No less than 3 months notice will be necessary. The GEC will solicit various trainers who are willing to travel in the US or EU or SA as appropriate.

GCC will arrange for the venue, insurance, and catering for the training days.

GCC will arrange registration and will post information on the wiki and newsletters to promote the training.

GEC will collect training evaluations from attendees to determine and maintain the standards of the materials and courses.

  • Cost:

The training will follow the current conference training package structure: $1350 for a 2 day training and $675 for a 1 day training.

The foundatation will cover the cost of providing the venue, the catering, and the insurance for the training

The trainer will be responsible for providing their travel and accomodations.

The revenue model for this program will be 10/40/50 (10% to the local chapter, 40% to the trainer, and 50% to the Foundation)

Interested chapters should contact the Global Conference Committee, Mark Bristow or Kate Hartmann