Codsec policing the future july 25 2019

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OWASP Kerala

Codsec 2019, July 25th 2019

Codsec 2019 july 25 2019 flyer.jpg


  • Meet up cafe, KSUM, Ground floor, Thejaswini Building, Technopark, Trivandrum

Date & Time

  • June 8th 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM IST)

Event Sponser

  • CyberDome, Kerala Police


Phishsim: Perception of an Adversary :
  • Abhijith B R
    • Deputy Manager - Cyber Security, Nissan Digital, Founder of Red Team Village, Lead Organizer DEF CON Trivandrum.
Promises & Possibilities of Onion Routing :
  • Adarsh S V Nair
    • Head of Information Security , UST Global Inc
Security in the age of Artificial Intelligence:
  • Navaneeth KT
    • Deep Learning Developer
  • Jaiden John
    • Artificial Intelligence Developer & Researcher, School of AI
Hack your way into tech giants - bug bounty demystified :
  • Arun S Kumar
    • Sr. Software Developer , UST Global Inc, Facebook, Google Hall of Fame.Reported Crtical bugs including Facebook Account & Page Takeover vulnerabilities
  • Vishnu Prasad PG
    • Hall of Fame : Google,Twitter, MIcrosoft, Yahoo, Amazon , ZOHO mail ,Samsung Mobile security,LEGAL ROBOT,Clicktime,Google Hacking Database Contributer (GHDB)
  • Abhishek S
    • Google Hall Of Fame ,Facebook Hall Of Fame,Android CVE reciever (CVE 2018-9845), Acknowledged by Microsoft, Redhat, Sony, Apple and 40+ companies for reporting security vulnerabilities
  • Ananthakrishnan KS
    • Student @ Mount Zion college of Engineering and technology| Facebook Hall of Fame | Google Hall of Fame | Qwant Hall of Fame | Twilio Hall of Fame |


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OWASP Kerala