Charlotte Chapter Meeting 2012-03-21

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21 March 2012 was our second meeting at Classic Graphics and my first meeting as chair. So far so good :-). Thanks to Classic for hosting and providing pizza and drinks before the meeting.

Meet and Greet

We had 30 minutes or so of meet and greet including refreshments. Both professionals and students gathered, talked, and shared. It seemed that everyone was having a good time.


Matthew Rose from HP Fortify was our presenter for the evening. He spoke on the benefits of coding secure from the start and the costs of fixing security issues once deployed.


We cut down the size of our board to include three seats. An academic representative, a technical/professional representative, and a treasurer.

Dr. Bill Chu was nominated for the academic chair. He accepted.

Will Stranathan was nominated for the technical/professional chair. He accepted.

The position of treasurer went unfilled.

Code Jams

A Code Jam was planned to occur using our Google Hangout