Chapter Spending Guidelines

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Handling Money

Chapter funds should be used for your chapter and must be spent in line with the OWASP Foundation goals, principles, and code of ethics. Accordingly, chapter finances should be handled in a transparent manner.

A chapter should have a treasurer who is in charge of money. This person can be (and often is) the leader. His/her name should be communicated to the Community Manager so we can update our official records.

Spending Guidelines

For the following common expenses, if the expenditure is under $500, Chapter Leaders can consider their purchase “white-listed” for reimbursement out of the chapter’s account, provided that the chapter has the necessary funds in its account:

Meeting venue rental Refreshments for a meeting Promotion of a meeting OWASP Merchandise

If, however, the expense does not fall under one of the above categories or is greater than $500, a second person (another chapter leader or board member if possible) must sign off on the purchase. While travel for speakers is a common expense and may fall under $500, a second signer is still required. Similarly, a donation of money out of the chapter’s account back to the Foundation, requires a second signer.

From an administrative perspective, OWASP has a responsibility to show its supporters that their donations (via members, sponsorship or other) are being used properly - in support of the OWASP mission. Visit the "Additional Resources" section of the OWASP Funding page (Chapter and Project Funding Totals) to see your chapter's current funding balance.

Exceptions to the guidelines can be brought to the Executive Director for approval and tracking.