Chapter Handbook/Chapter 10: International Aspects

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While knowledge of English is extremely helpful in communicating with the OWASP community around the world, it is certainly not necessary. To support the spread of the OWASP mission regardless of a person’s language, many chapters have worked as a team on translating OWASP Projects, Documentation, or even this Handbook.


Understanding local culture and habits, and considering them when planning meetings can make a big difference in meeting attendance and the success of your chapter. For example, in some cultures it is not popular or even rude to discuss business over lunch. Thus, an OWASP meeting over lunch would not work very well. On the other hand, some areas have had great success with planning meetings during the lunch hour because it doesn’t cut into people’s “family” time in the evening. Talk to others in your city or region to find out what would work best for them and don’t be constrained by what chapters in other regions are doing.

Adjusted Memberships Fees

Some regions (developing countries) of the world may qualify for a discounted membership of $20. If you are unsure of whether this applies to your chapter or would like to request a discount code, please submit your request through the contact us form.

Material distribution

Some countries or regions may have trouble accessing OWASP tools such as google docs, the OWASP wiki site, or downloadable tools. If these access issues prevent a chapter from adhering to the mandatory chapter rules, they may ask the Global Chapter Committee for an exemption from the policy. Additionally, the OWASP foundation will work with the chapter to find a suitable alternative or workaround such as setting up local mirrors of tools or wiki.