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  • One of the priorities of this project is to allow developers to do whatever they choose, without enforcing RFC compliance. This is important for a security testing library, as often the most interesting behavior manifests outside the RFCs! Keep in mind that a lot of the safety nets that exist in libraries that enforce RFC compliance do not exist in this library, and that as the developer, you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences!
  • Another priority is to accurately deliver whatever is specified by the client, and similarly, to accurately reflect whatever is returned by the server, rather than coloured by the parsing and normalisation performed by the library.
  • In order to achieve byte for byte accuracy with what was sent by the client, and received from the server, OWASP Proxy does the bare minimum of message parsing. The basic storage of an HTTP message is as an array of byte (a byte for byte copy of what was read from the network), rather than parsed out into convenient pieces. The library does provide convenience methods for accessing interesting parts of the message, such as headers, content, etc, but the message itself is always stored as a large byte[].
  • The Request and Response objects that you may deal with also do not decode the message bodies for you. If the message was sent using chunked encoding, the message body will show the individual chunks that were sent. Of course, again, there are also classes which allow you to obtain the actual entity body, with appropriate decoding.
  • As mentioned above, one objective is correctness. By this I mean correctly handling whatever the major browsers send to it, and successfully retrieving whichever resource was requested. Failure to do so will be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Other than that, there is no intention to add major new features to the library above those required to fulfill its purpose as a Listener and a HTTP client implementation.

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