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Attributed Giving Policy

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The Board of Directors at their April 2019 meeting adopted a resolution that restricts donations and membership dues splits to gifts $1,000 and above. The following outlines how charitable gifts are processed for the OWASP Foundation.

  • The OWASP Foundation does not accept restricted gifts. A restricted gift is any donation, that in the view of the donor is provided with conditions or restrictions in its use. All donations to the Foundation, both monetary and in-kind, are completely unrestricted and may be applied to any expense of the Foundation’s mission at the sole direction of the Executive Director and staff under the fiduciary responsibility of the Board of Directors.
  • Supporters of the Foundation may attribute their gift, and in some cases a portion of their membership dues, to a Project, Chapter, Committee or Initiative of the OWASP Foundation. Attribution does not create a restricted gift to an initiative, it is only an internal practice to recognize the donor’s support of that particular initiative.
  • Individual Membership dues are not attributable. Corporations may attribute up to 20% of their Membership Dues to a single Project, Chapter, or Initiative. Additionally, where possible at the time of a donation, a donor may attribute a gift of any size to one particular initiative.

This policy was presented at the June 2019 Board of Directors meeting with an invitation to edit prior to it's effective date which as 26 June, 2019. As soon as is practically possible, sunset the practice of allocating membership dues to chapters and projects.