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Atlanta Member Meeting 02.28.11

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February 2011 Meeting

WHAT:: February Chapter Meeting - Separated By A Common Language

WHEN:: 28th February 2011. 6-8pm

WHERE:: Tilted Kilt

WHO:: Beau Woods

Beau Woods is in the Security and Risk Consulting group within SecureWorks. His experience has given him insight into solving the complex real-world problems organizations face worldwide. Beau has over 10 years of experience providing services in the information technology field, with the last five years dedicated to security, risk and compliance. A seasoned speaker at information security conferences, Beau is often invited to present at industry events.

ABSTRACT:: Separated By A Common Language

George Bernard Shaw said that about the US and England. And there’s perhaps nowhere in Information Security where that is more true than in Web App Sec. Though business people and geeks use a common language, we don’t have a common understanding. It’s not what’s said; it’s what’s heard that counts! It’s not enough to just understand the words, the listener has to understand the concepts and how they are put into practice. This talk goes through these challenges on both sides of the equation and gives a framework that can even give a CEO a working knowledge of the OWASP Top 10.


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