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Atlanta Leadership Meeting 03.05.09

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Atlanta Leadership Meeting 03.05.09

On Thursday (3/5/09), another Chapter Lead meeting took place in order to finalize events for 2009. We are now ready to move forward with defining events. Soon, first meeting dates will be posted and emails send to the member list to announce our year's first events which will take place in April.

Below is a recap of issues addressed yesterday during our meeting:

  • Interim survey results were revealed. The survey will run for another week and final results would be available on the group page.
  • First member meeting is planned for Thursday, April 2nd 2009. This meeting will most likely be a intro meeting to speak on the ATL Chapter, national chapter events, news, projects, and two presentations on existing OWASP tools that may be of use to its members. A separate workshop event is planned for April 25th. (Both dates Tentative at this point)
  • Workshops would have some speakers plus lots of hands-on
  • Promote owasp-atlanta to other groups. (java-php-python usergroups, gtisc, dc404, freeside)
  • Idea to have a year long case study is being planned where OWASP resources partake in a year long project with a supporting organization. Georgia Tech is tentatively listed as a viable candidate, specifically the GT Sakai app environment as a case study for performing threat modeling, source code analysis etc.
  • We looked at some resources at Georgia Tech to serve as future meeting and workshop locations. (Facities in the Klaus building)

Attendees: Tony UcedaVelez, Chad Capper, Shauvik Roy Choudhary (GT), Robert Vineyard (OIT),