April 2016 Membership Report

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Brief Update
Drafted and sent 29 contracts for the month of April
Q2 Membership Drive & Honorary Membership
Ongoing - OWASP 2016 Global Board of Directors Election
Ongoing - Securing booth volunteers for outreach events
Ongoing - Ongoing - Ordering & shipping materials for Outreach events
Ongoing - Maintaining co-marketing/partnership agreements and confirming all deliverables have been fulfilled
Ongoing - Meeting with new possible corporate members while keeping in contact with our current corporate members that will soon be up for renewal. Finding new organizations to form co-marketing/partnership agreements with to help spread the OWASP mission as well as help to promote each others efforts and events.
Ongoing - Soliciting sponsorships for Open SAMM Summit, AppSec EU 2016 & AppSec USA 2016
Ongoing - Developing a plan to engage in 5 Developer conferences for 2016
Ongoing - Holding weekly calls with our developer team to stay on track of fulfilling our SG#2
Ongoing - Coordinating the logistics for a Developer Summit at AppSecEU 2016
Ongoing - Coordinating the logistics for a Members Lounge at AppSecEU 2016
Ongoing - Coordinating member t-shirt giveaway at AppSecEU 2016

Actual -vs- Budget

Corporate & Individual Membership Dashboard Metrics

Corporate Membership

Budget: $400,000.00

Actual: $175,000.00 (44%)

Individual Membership

Budget: $110,000.00

Actual: $45,151.00 (41%)

Partnership/Co-Marketing Agreements

Total Number on File for 2016: 49

Total for April: 14

Many of our partnership & co-markting agreements have the same standard deliverables, which are:

  • Include the event under our Partner & Promotional section
  • Include the event in our monthly Connector up until the conclusion of the event
  • One (1) dedicated email invitation to the chapter leaders within the region of the event, asking them share the details and discounts with their community and chapter members. Email to be provided to OWASP for review/release by the partnering organization. Each chapter is run independently, so it is up to each chapter leaders discretion to promote the event.
  • Logo posted on our Supporting Partners page
  • Social Media - usually no more than 1x a month up until the start of the event.

Individual Membership

Total Number of Individual Members: 2,464

Honorary Membership: 84

Individual 1 year Membership: 1,487

Individual 2 year Membership: 466

Lifetime Membership: 117

Regional Membership: 286

Student: 24

New Memberships: 134

Honorary Membership: 4

Individual 1 year Membership: 82

Individual 2 year Membership: 14

Lifetime Membership: 6

Regional 1 year Membership: 24

Student: 4

Renewed Memberships: 52

Honorary Membership: 3

Individual 1 year Membership: 33

Individual 2 year Membership: 5

Lifetime Membership: 1

Regional 1 year Membership: 10

Lost Memberships: (not renewed): 144

Individual 1 year Membership: 87

Individual 2 year Membership: 8

Regional 1 year Membership: 48

Student Membership: 1

Corporate Membership

NOTE: There are 5 contracts waiting for signature & 8 invoices that we are waiting to receive payment

Total Number of Corporate Members: 54

New Membership: 4

  • NowSecure
  • Sooryen Technologies
  • Oracle
  • Schuberg Philis

Renewed Memberships: 10

  • Blackhat US
  • NetSuite
  • Trustwave
  • Security Innovation
  • Gotham Digital Science
  • FICO
  • Software Improvement Group
  • Cigital
  • Rakuten
  • Qualys (Premier Corporate Member)

Lost Memberships: 1

  • Autodesk - POC no longer with company. Replacement states they will not renew due to budget constraints. The conversation is still ongoing.