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AppSec US 2010, CA/OWASP Booth

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Page to organize the OWASP booth at the AppSec USA in Irvine USA

Booth Crew

The booth should be manned by at least two at any time.

Booth Schedule
7th September, training day 1 8th September, training day 2 9th September, conference day 1 10th September, conference day 2

do we want a booth during training days?

do we want a booth during training days?

CTF at the booth

The Booth can function as CTF base, too:

  • draws people to the booth
  • me can't be at two places at once

Dressing up

  • Video material
    • beamer, settled for the CTF
    • screen, settled for the CTF
    • OWASP PR slides
  • Role-up,
    • got one from the AppSec-EU, probably needed for the conference dressup
  • banner
    • re-use of the HITB banner

To do (tasks)

  • OWASP promotion flyers
  • OWASP membership registrations at OWASP booth?
  • do we need a budget for OWASP goodies?
    • OWASP Books
    • Got OWASP Stickers
    • OWASP Top 10 Books
    • OWASP LiveCDs
    • what goodies can we get in this