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Provide information on curation of the OWASP App Sec News RSS

Main OWASP RSS Feed Link

See OWASP App Sec News RSS


List of RSS news feed curators: To determine who posted a story you can check the individual RSS streams that feed into the OWASP RSS feed

Guidance for Story Inclusion

  1. Relevant - Related to AppSec OR OWASP
  2. No product/company pitches - Not a story touting a product, service, or company
    • In general, even an ad or solicitation at the bottom of an article will eliminate the article from inclusion
  3. Focus on application security
    • Not related to network security or OS security
    • Not related to malware unless AppSec specific
  4. Quality - Well written (Even introductory material if written interestingly)
    • In some cases quality of writing is not a concern if the material is new and novel
  5. Primary Source - When possible link to the original story, not someone rehashing or relinking
  6. Broad Impact - Avoid items that apply to a very specific technology and situation (e.g. implementing validation with Spring annotations) – unless there’s a broader reason.
  7. Not an exploit / 0-day News Stream for particular sites / companies
    • No exploits of specific apps / site
    • Broad reaching weaknesses in frameworks, libraries, etc are ok to inlcude


OWASP uses feedblitz to build the RSS stream which splices together multiple inbound RSS streams from vetted curators

Become a Curator

Please contact

  • Previous involvement and standing within OWASP is required


Submit a feed for consideration

To add a news feed to our list SUBMIT IT for review.

Current Feeds

These feeds have been submitted and posts are reviewed and considered for the AppSecFeed.

Primary URL of the blog Direct URL to the RSS feed for the blog? Name of the primary author of the blog? Twitter name of the primary blog author? Virtue Security @VirtueSecurity Mark Miller @TSWAlliance Varies @Spiderlabs Matthew Green @matthew_d_green Ajin Abrahamn @ajinabraham Paolo Perego @thesp0nge SD Elements @sdelements feed:// Security Compass @securitycompass Mike Shema Josh Sokol @joshsokol Michael Coates @_mwc Troy Hunt @troyhunt Colin Watson @Clerkendweller Dinis Cruz @DinisCruz