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WIP 21/11/2008

No authentication

Public access to the resources (APEX_PUBLIC_USER is being used, unless you specify another user in the dads.conf1)

==Open door credentials Log in with just a username, no password. Only use this in the development / testing stage.

ApEx build-in credentials

Use the usermanagement that ApEx supplies. This also known as cookie users. (Use this for quick prototyping, accoring to Scott Spendoli)

Database account authentication

Use the database roles/users. The connection is still made using the credentials specified in the dads.conf 1

Custom authentication


1If you have read through the official Oracle HTML DB documentation, you will note that it refers to a file named marvel.conf instead of dads.conf. Whenever the Oracle HTML DB documentation refers to the file marvel.conf, it means the dads.conf configuration file!